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About 2018 ASEM Conference on 4th Industrial Revolution

The ASEM Conference, titled Inclusive Growth and Cooperation of the ASEM Economies in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is to be held in Seoul on November 22. It will provide a forum for discussion to draw up measures that promote policy cooperation in order to maximize opportunities and minimize the adverse effects of the economic and social changes wrought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This ASEM Conference is a follow-up to the Seoul Initiative held in 2017 and it aims to foster discussions on the economic and social changes brought on by the Fourth Industrial Revolution in greater depth. It is expected to serve as a forum for ongoing discussions and a laboratory for the development of policy responses to inequality, and through regional cooperation in the ASEM region to help achieve inclusive prosperity in ASEM member countries.

At the 2017 ASEM EMM, representatives from ASEM member countries recognized the need for cooperative efforts to respond to changes presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. At the upcoming conference in Seoul, the progress of the ASEM Economic Ministerial Meetings and the implications of the Seoul Initiative will be reviewed while discussing the global-wide impacts and challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The conference consists of key discussions on innovation and the creation of inclusive value creation in the private sector, which will be the main driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as talks on how to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between the government and private sector to fulfill policy demands. The conference is organized into two sessions, with each session comprising presentations and panel discussions. The topic of Session I is “Regional Environmental Changes Driven by Digital Transformation,” and the topic of Session II is “Expanding the Global Value Chain (GVC) and Enhancing Inclusive Growth and Cooperation in ASEM.” Through the conference, it is anticipated that the policy officers in ASEM member states will be able to map out practical plans for cooperation and to continue the direction of dialogue on inclusive prosperity in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The purpose of sharing these plans is to ensure that ASEM member nations are able to hold successful and productive discussions. We look forward to the support and active participation from all parties regarding the conference plan.